Picking Up the Gown

The Gown and I. Which might not be correct, but I think it sounds like The King and I. Why not?

A tradition in our house: we head out for Chinese food for Nathan’s birthday. Our favorite place to go is Taipei Tokyo in the Danbury Square Mall—which happens to be in the same plaza as David’s Bridal, and since it’d been a week since my gown had arrived and I still hadn’t picked it up, we decided to put a magical capper on the night and pick up the gown after dinner (no, Nathan didn’t see it—I was smart enough to pay the extra $10 for the opaque storage bag).

Dinner, cake, and presents were exciting enough, but the trip to pick up the gown—and make an appointment for my fitting—just put it over the top. As Jenna, the David’s Bridal clerk who helped me, pointed out, “yeah, it’s really happening now, isn’t it?”

Yes, it is.

Here’s a little virtual walk-through of our magical night: February 22, 2012.

Charles and Nathan before dinner at Taipei Tokyo in Danbury.

Nathan gets his fave drink: A Pineapple Dream.

Nathan eyes me through the Pu Pu Platter. It was our first year getting one. Neither his family nor mine ever got Pu Pu Platters when we were kids (too expensive), so it's exciting to be all grown up and get to enjoy one.

My shrimp and snow peas. I always get the same thing -- well, this or shrimp and lobster sauce -- because why mess with what I like?

Charles did something different and got this awesome chocolate truffle cake from Stew Leonards. It is heaven on a plate, folks. He made a great call--next time we need a chocolate cake, we're getting this one!

I found this Tardis Cookie Jar at Annie's Book Stop in Worcester, MA, when I was up there earlier in February giving a writer's workshop. I couldn't resist it! Don't miss the video below -- Frank Todaro, our groomsman, eat your heart out!

2 thoughts on “Picking Up the Gown

  1. Hhmmn, if you eat candy or a cookie from this cookie jar can you go back in time and make like you never ate them? No calories!
    LOL! What cookie? I didn’t eat a cookie…(-;

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