Fun Appointments Coming Up!

If you know me at all, then you know I’m busy. Crazy-busy. All the time. So I don’t always welcome new additions to my appointment book, as I can barely keep up with stuff as it is. (Not that I don’t love anything having to do with New England Horror Writers, podcasts, Cons, or paryting with friends, because those are also fun. The kind of appointments I’m talking about are meetings, hair cuts, and getting my car oil changed).

When it comes to theme parties of any kind, though, slating things on my calendar was always loads of fun. Doing things for the party keeps the energy high and usually puts a little bit of magic into my week.

So, here’s what’s coming around the bend to which I’m actually looking forward!

March 9: Hanging out with Maryanne Profeta to put together the Favor Boxes.

March 13: Appointment for alterations at David’s Bridal. Not much to do on the gown at all; it’s nearly a perfect fit. My friend Maureen is going with me.

March 14: Nathan and I leave for Howe Caverns for a couple of days of appointments and finalizing.

March 15: Meet Anne-Marie, our Howe Caverns Wedding Coordinator, and Joanne, the chef, to finalize all plans for the wedding weekend.

March 15: Take one more tour of the Caverns. I need it for inspiration for the short story I’m writing.

March 16: Cake tasting with Villa Italia inSchenectady. They are doing our cake.

March 16: Meet with our Officiant!

March 16: Back in Danbury, hang out with Diane Nebinger. To talk wedding rings and other fun stuff.

April 20-22: My friends Meghan Guidry and L’Aura Hladik come to visit for the weekend. Meghan and I are working on wedding tributes; L’Aura’s doing make-up. Oh, and Maureen and Michele and few other people will be coming by. Nathan’s out of town, so it’s a good time to do wedding-related stuff.

That’s it for now!

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