Our 5th Rock Arrives!

This rock is from Burlington, VT. Tony didn’t tell me it came from Lake Champlain, but from the water erosion, I suspect it did. I love, love, love the white designs. It’s a very elegant-looking piece.

Our 5th rock is from artist Antony Galbraith, of DoAn Art. The rock is from Burlington,Vermont, where I received my BA in Writing and Literature from Burlington College in 2007.

Tony’s mailer arrives!

The outside of Tony’s note. He hand makes such beautiful things.

The note Tony wrote.

Although he didn’t specify that the rock came from Lake Champlain, I suspect that it did, which is very important to me. Burlington and the lake played a very special role in my childhood, as we were always going there during the summers when we were staying at our cabin in Salisbury. I have fond memories of the Ferry and looking for “Champ” as a kid. Later on, Charles and I had a few fun summer vacations there. And it was all of those cherished memories that led me to enroll at Burlington College, where I made many wonderful friends and saw a grown-up side of the city. The city is a jewel and holds much magic for me.

At the Burlington College residencies, this spot, overlooking Lake Champlain, was THE spot to sit and drink coffee in the morning and wine at sunset.

Antony—I always called him Tony, so that’s how I’ll refer to him for the rest of this post—had a big job ahead of him when I met him. I had just enrolled as a student at Burlington College so I could finish my bachelor’s degree—not in journalism, but in Writing and Literature (which is what I should have done all those years ago, but, you know, when my Dad was paying for it I had to do what he said, which turned out to be not a bad thing in the end). I had two mentors during my tenure there, but Tony was the one who had to put the final sign-off on my thesis: a collection of 21 stories based on the major arcane in the Tarot. It was a long road, with heavy revision. He, quite plainly, kicked my ass, and I am better for it.

But we also became friends and are friends to this day. We have a lot in common. And Tony is a fine artist and is very connected to creativity and what it means to have such creativity and connect with the world around you.

Antony Galbraith, left, and me, at Burlington College’s campus in 2006. This was at the beginning of my final semester at the school; it was a long year before my project was completed and I graduated almost a year to the day later.

In fact, he did a piece of work in his Planets Series, which had a showing at a Gallery in New York, called Uranus. I loved it so much I bought it. It was my first “real” piece of art, and it proudly hangs over my bed to this day and continues to provide me with inspiration. Having a rock from him at our wedding is special, indeed.

Uranus by Antony Galbraith. It is part of his Planets series–he did one for each planet. It is the first “real” piece of art I ever owned. It hangs in my bedroom.

I loved the painting so much that when I had to purchase new lamps I bought ones that would match.

If you would like to see some of Tony’s other work—much of it mythical—please visit http://www.doanart.com/Home.html

2 thoughts on “Our 5th Rock Arrives!

  1. Congratulations Kaye on your new milestone! And yes, the stone I chose came from the shore of Lake Champlain! I wish you best in your new life adventure! I am so proud of all that you have accomplished!

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