Stupid Things a Bride Does…

My Bride gear bag.

…because she can! I’m a bag girl, and while I have loads of totes that would’ve serviced just fine during my wedding adventures in the upcoming months, I saw this bag on the shelf at David’s Bridal back on January 11 and thought, “I’ll have to come back and get that.” Why?

I’d never seen a bag that was so rigidly structured it looked like it would keep its shape, and it looked like it had plenty of room. I could see myself lugging my huge wedding planner and all my paperwork up to the Howe Caverns finalization trip, on overnights to friends’ houses to work on assembling favor boxes and invitations, to the dress fitting to carry all that stuff you’re supposed to carry with you (shoes, etc.), and, of course, on the wedding weekend for…whatever. While it did say “Bride,” well—I’d probably have it all destroyed and trashed by the time I wasn’t a Bride anymore anyway (and after that, I could shove it in my recycle-bag collection I use to go shopping; it’d work great for groceries until it fell apart). And it wasn’t pink. I liked the robin’s egg. So I resolved to pick it up at a later date. Not like $28 is a big deal, but it wasn’t something so necessary I had to have it at that moment.

Enter Nathan’s Mom, who gave me a wonderful birthday gift: a $25 gift card, which was a total, special surprise, and allowed me to treat myself to the bag, which thanks to her ended up coming to $4.28. Awesome! She rocks (it also made me happy to see she, too, encloses a receipt with every gift card she buys – just in case it doesn’t work. I’m just as paranoid about that stuff as she is).

I picked up the bag the night I picked up the gown, February 22. I’m going to use it…and use it well. It’s already got bunches of stuff in it, and it has already made it easier to keep myself organized. This weekend, it came with me to Maryanne Profeta’s to work on favor boxes.

Here’s a tour of her awesome gift:

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