Travel Log: February 25 – March 8

An awesome hand-made card from our Howe Caverns Wedding Coordinator Anne-Marie! She ROCKS (no pun intended, ha!)!

Maureen McFarlane shoots our engagement photos.

Maureen and I work a little bit more on the reception playlist.

Try on gown; try on gown with jewelry – perfect!

Design Wedding Announcements.

Order Wedding Announcements.

Design Centerpiece Winner Stickers.

Order Centerpiece Winner Stickers.

Design Favor Box Labels.

Order Favor Box Labels.

First batch of Centerpiece Winner Stickers and Favor Box Labels are incorrect; correct and re-order.

Order toasting glasses.

Order more Love Notes/Bad Apple Covers for insides of programs.

Sample engagement photos arrive.

Select engagement photo.

Select wedding ring.

Order wedding ring.

Decide on Honeymoon location – WDW!

Book Honeymoon trip.

Organize all wedding materials being stored – paper for invitations, centerpieces, et cetera.

Update wedding records in planner.

Surprise gift from Nathan’s Mom: Wedding Scrapbook (will use to keep special receipts, etc.)

Receive rocks from Linda Vilardi and Anne Marie Galasso!

Begin purchasing gifts for certain helpers.

Organize info for upcoming wedding blog posts.

Purchase Smash Journal for keeping final copies of all wedding ephemera. Begin saving.

Set appointment with Officiant.

Discuss hair with Heather and plan for May weekend visit to make decision.

Toasting glasses arrive.

Purchase RSVP stamps.

Print invitation covers.

Print RSVP card exteriors & interiors.

Complete blank Thank You notes.

Purchase embellishments (red crystal) for RSVP cards.

Hand-address RSVP card envelopes.

Assemble RSVP cards.

Compile and edit content for invitations.

Purchase acetate for inside of invitations.

Complete layout of invitations.

Print invitations.

Start breaking in shoes.

Begin preparing preliminary ideas for Program Contents/Text.

Get my first Bridal “we’ll give you junk free if you come to this Bridal Expo” phone call. Not interested.

Decide on alterations for gown; Mo will go with me.

Maureen and I work on music selections for reception.

Start compiling wedding announcement address list.

Pull stockings (I have several pairs from Christmas Stockings past that are brand new).

Purchase more paper for invitations/programs

Decide the ghost story will be separate from the Program.

Pick up shoes from Bethel Shoe Repair (had street bottoms put on).

Layout Program Cover.

Start piecing together Program Text.

Pick up Bride’s Magazine. Order 1 Year Subscription. This falls under the category of Stupid Things a Bride Does Because She Can

Stamp RSVP cards.

Call Howe Caverns Motel to check on status of bookings.

Purchase more jewels for Favor Boxes; purchase more envelopes for Thank You Notes.

Hang out with Al & Maryanne Profeta; talk wedding and put together and decorate Favor Boxes.

Start working on packing list for Howe Caverns confirmation trip.

Arrange for time off for wedding and honeymoon.

Organize all not-needed-until-later wedding materials in bins and put in basement.

Decide on OPI Shade for wedding day nails—Kyoto Pearl—and order.

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