Papering the Party

Recollections’ Spice Market Cover Stock will serve as the basis for most ephemera; I’ve used the Recollections collections for years for my annual chapbooks.

Some girls love bags (I do). Some girls love shoes (I do). But ask me what my favorite thing in the world is, and I’ll say paper and/or office products.

It’s true. I have tubs of paper, clipboards, and other cool stuff that I just love. Nothing is nicer, to me, then touching a stiff, cool, blank piece of colored cardstock or flipping through a mint-condition journal. Despite the cost savings of standard printed invitations (the estimates I got from David’s Bridal online for JUST a single paper invitation card, reception card and RSVP cards were, seriously, $780, are you kidding me…I’m doing the entire wedding, all the ephemera including thank-you notes, for about half that), the real reasons I wanted to make the wedding’s accompanying materials myself: A) I’m going for a highly personalized look. B) I want continuity from beginning to end. C) I want total control over how everything is written, designed, and put together.

Scary pricing. And these prices were at 15 or 20% off, if I recall correctly.

Most of all, though, I just like to make things out of paper.

Michele and I spontaneously went shopping on January 29, and instead of picking up just the couple of items I wanted, I decided to go ahead and get most of what I needed to cover the paper, trimmings, and envelopes for the invitations, programs, table place cards, table title cards, menus, thank you notes, ceremony cards and whatever else.

Recollections’ Spice Market Cover Stock Color Spread: Chocolate will be used for thank you notes (and was also used for the Save the Date Folders and Rock Cards); Bay Leaf for the RSVP Folders (and it’s likely the Table Titling Cards and possibly as backings for the Ceremony Cards); Curry for the Program Covers; Paprika for the Short Story Chapbooks; Parchment for the Invitation Covers, Table Place Cards, and Favor Box Inserts.

Wausau Heavy Duty Paper, 24 lb, 8.5 x 11 Inches, Stardust White with a Sprinkle of Cosmic Color Confetti, 500 Sheets (22318) will be used for the interiors of the invitations, programs, the short story chapbooks, and the thank-you notes. If you have received my chapbook “A Bone to Pick,” then it is the same paper in that interior. It’s a little bit fancier, but the design does not conflict with or distract from the text; it’s also heavy-duty but thin enough not to jam printers.

A sampling of some of the “bling” – also from the Recollections Collection – that will be used to create a more elegant look on the ephemera. Above, left, the small brown hearts were used on the Save-the-Date Magnet Folders as well as the thank-you notes. At right, some of the trim for the Programs and Table Place Cards; the Programs will get the reddish-brown color (I have to go buy more, actually); the Place Cards got the silver and gold.

The invitations’ interior and RSVP envelopes. Both are ivory and 24-lb. weight. I either buy Ascend or Office Max brand, depending on what’s less expensive (yes, I have used these before for other projects).

The invitations’ exterior envelopes. The Ascend 28-lb. Brown Kraft is what I use to mail books people order directly from me, but I also use them for my annual chapbook mailing. In this case, I felt Brown Kraft as the exterior better fit the theme of Journey to the Center of the Earth: I wanted something hearty and something that would be more reminiscent of paper products of the book’s time period.

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