The Favor Box Labels: Take 2

The corrected Favor Box Labels.

If you read Mistakes: Or, What Happens When You Don’t Concentrate, then you know there was a screw-up with the Favor Box Labels because I wasn’t in focus. Long story short, the new ones were ordered less than an hour after I realized I’d made a mistake.

Here’s the story behind them.

I knew early on we were going to do Favor Boxes, since Howe Caverns was going to provide samples of Elaine’s famous handmade fudge that Nathan and I both love so much. I’d bought the boxes and the bling to go on them—a small jeweled champagne heart—but I wanted something more. Something that would explain what the fudge was all about; it wasn’t just candy we bought from somewhere; it was not only a very special part of our pasts, but also part of the Howe Caverns experience–not to be missed.

On this latter point, I’ll wax: I’ve always been a fan of going to any kind of attraction and getting something at its gift shop you can’t get anywhere else. When I was growing up, it was books—you could buy a tiny, usually locally or self-published book on the area, its legends, or anything else. Books you wouldn’t find in Bradlees and Caldor (I’m going back before the days of the Big Boxes), books that once you left that vacay spot you were likely to never see again.

In some ways, that magical experience has been ruined because of the Internet and Amazon. It’s awesome that I can get any book on anything I want, but it just ruins that special quality of knowing you own something that can only be purchased in one store or area: in short, it ruins the “souvenir” magic.

Not so with Howe Caverns fudge. It’s not available anywhere else…yet. We wanted our guests to experience that old-time attraction excitement of exclusivity while they still can, and I not only wanted to make that clear, I wanted to let them know they could—and should—take that home.

I struggled with many ideas: tags on the boxes? A separate card for each box? List it in the program and if someone misses it, oh well?

It was when I was up inWorcester,MA, for a writer’s conference that my friend L’Aura Hladik, who’s very creative, suggest I make a sticker or label for the bottom of each box. I grabbed the idea and ran with it.

Here’s what they look like now.

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