The Invitation Photos Are Here…

I’ve been invited to many weddings, and as a result, I have loved many invitations. Anyone who knows me can tell you I love paper of all kinds, and invitations and ephemera associated with weddings are high on my list.

Due to this, I have many invitations saved. That’s right. I have loads of them. In a nice box where they’re all safe. Some of them are love-worn, because I carry them with me on the day (they contain directions and necessary information), but I still have them. When we made the decision to make our own invitations, I was glad I’d kept them—they  not only excited me, they inspired me—and it was nice to go through each one and assess what I liked most about each.

What I was attracted to the most was not the calligraphy, the thermograph, or the return address. I found when I went through them, my favorite ones were very tactile—they had great paper weight, they had features that were raised or added, such as ribbons or buttons, they had those little silly pieces of tissue paper or parchment. All of these elements will go into our invitations in one form or another (Reynold’s Wrap unbleached parchment paper for baking rocks out WAY more than tissue paper and matches our theme), but I decided to do something different.

Add a photo.

A good, old-fashioned print.

A friend of mine, Maureen McFarlane, is an excellent photographer who specializes in countenance. Way back in 2005, she shot a candid photo of me and Nathan on the back porch, which quickly became Nathan’s favorite photo. Even though the picture is nearly seven years old now, I decided it’d be nice to include a copy in each invitation as a removable print—just to give the invitation that extra tactile appeal.

I went to Shutterfly and ordered prints on February 7 – what’s great about Shutterfly is you can have information displayed on the back of each print for free. This means I not only could give Maureen a professional credit right on the print, but I could also provide an adequate photo caption.

By the time I got back from the Norman Mailer Writer’s Colony on February 15, they’d arrived! Enjoy! (Please note: the white streak on the prints in the photo is because of my flash. The actual prints are clear as day.)

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