The Garter Arrives!

The search for the garter—an incidental, last-minute thought for most Brides, as I understand from reading all these books I’ve been borrowing from libraries or have been generously given—has been nothing short of an adventure, and a wonderful one at that.

Wedding garters were always, to me, those “throw away, cheap” things that Bridal shops get away with charging a lot for just because they know they can. I saw some pretty awful ones at David’s Bridal that were the same things that every other Bride in the world probably bought that weren’t well-made and were, quite frankly, forgettable junk.

Yes, the garter tradition at a wedding is silly. Especially since the world’s changed and if you haven’t been around the block in marriage a few times, you’ve at least been around the block a few times with a “serious” or a live-in. According to Bridal tradition, the whole significance behind the garter was about the Groom’s lucky day. Yeah, that kind of…well, rarely exists anymore, if at all.

But it’s still fun to do at a wedding, and I figured even if we weren’t going to toss a garter, I’d want one. I happen to wear real garter belts on occasion (yes, with the hooks and silk stockings at all). So, a “false” one for my wedding seemed appropriate.

I wanted something different, though, so on January 29, I typed “Unique Wedding Garters” into Google and found…Garters by Kristi.

Needless to say, the fact that she spelled her name the same way I do was a comforting sign for me. So I checked it out, and I was thrilled…within a few minutes, I’d chosen the one I wanted (I had color ideas and style in accordance with my wedding in mind). And it came as a set…one to keep, one to toss.

I wasn’t ready to purchase, so I screen-shot and saved it.

I saw a nice Ivory-colored, ordinary one at Michael’s for a third of the price back on January 29 when I was shopping with Michele, and even though I had considered it—it was nice, and the price was the factor—after a few minutes of thought, I turned it down. Why? Well, I imagined having the “keepsake” Michael’s garter in my drawer, and I imagined pulling it out for a special night or occasion, like another party or something—and I realized quickly that if I’d gotten the “ordinary” one, I just wouldn’t be that thrilled: but if I pulled out the brown one I’d already had my heart set on, my pulse would quicken.

So it would be, as my father used to like to say, “throwing good money after bad”—meaning I’d buy this one at 1/3 of the price, and one of two things would happen: either I’d regret it forever because it wouldn’t feel “special” and I wouldn’t put it on again: or, I’d just realize well before the wedding I really DID want that special one I’d already chosen and go buy it anyway. Translated: either way, a waste of $12.95.

So…on February 6, I went back to Kristi and placed the order, and by the time I got home fromNorman’s on February 15, it was here! The quality absolutely blew me away – they certainly didn’t feel anything like the cheap stuff I’d felt in the past; they feel heavy and hand-sewn, and arrived perfectly pressed. These things will last for years. It was worth every dime (the phrase, “wow, you really do get what you pay for” came to mind).

Now for the tease…I’ll show you the packaging, but not the thing itself (hey, I have my superstitions). But here’s how it came. Gorgeous. Interested? You don’t have be a Bride to have a little fun under your party dress or work skirt—put a little kick in your average day! Kristi, who answers all e-mails right away and has, literally, hundreds of choices (yes, I will be ordering some for fun in the future, because wow that one with the peacock feather is EXCELLENT, ladies), visit her here:

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