Travel Log: March 9 – 23

The sun sets on Howe Caverns’ main building, March 15, 2012. The patio is where our ceremony will take place; the sun reflects off the windows of the room in which our reception will be held.

With Maryanne Profeta, assemble and decorate the Favor Boxes.

Contract for Howe Caverns arrives. Nathan and I read it through, discuss, organize our questions and celebrate!

Deliver Favor Boxes to Howe Caverns.

Nathan and I make a few adjustments to the ceremony and discuss some additional ideas for stuff.

My wedding ring arrives!

With Maureen McFarlane, go for gown fitting. All it needs is a hem and a bustle. And a metal snap, because those plastic ones are crappy and I’m not taking chances.

Nathan and I check our rings and photograph them…they’re a match!

Inquire about wedding insurance and receive information from agent. Nathan and I select coverage level.

Make changes in time allotted for DJ;Conwaysends me new contract.

Sign & Mail the contract to Howe Caverns. Include deposit. It’s now in stone!

Finish editing the post-wedding Announcement list and print the labels.

Purchase wrapping paper for bridesmaid’s gifts.

With Maureen McFarlane, put crystals on all the previously-printed invitation covers.

Print all interiors of invitations.

Create and print Favor Box inserts and place in Favor Boxes.

Assemble invitation booklets.

Decorate invitations’ inner envelopes.

Print program covers.

Place Centerpiece Award Labels on program cover interiors.

Create and assemble placecards.

Staple invitation booklets.

The wedding nail polish I ordered arrives.

Anne-Marie and Jo-An mock up the reception room in terms of layout. Subject to change depending on level of RSVPs.

Purchase RSVP stamps.

Stamp the RSVP envelopes.

Spend March 14-16 up at Howe Caverns. One large meeting with Anne-Marie and Jo-An to finalize all of the ceremony and reception details.

Take tour of Howe Caverns (mostly to refresh my memory so I can write the ghost story).

Check out some other area restaurants.

Cake tasting at Villa Italia inSchenectady. Nathan selects cake design and flavors.

Meet with our Officiant, Bert Mayne. Plan ceremony.

Purchase two more bridal party/helper gifts.

The engagement photos for the programs arrive.

Create, print, and assemble menu cards for insertion in the programs. Also, sluice/zipline invites for immediate attendants.

Address invitations. Write return addresses on all invitations. Prepare invitations in entirety to be mailed.

Create and print table cards.

Purchase more paper and supplies at Michael’s.

Write and pre-post more blog entries on wedding website.

With Stephanie Ingram, seal invitations, assemble table cards, and affix crystals to program covers.

Purchase stamps for and mail invitations (March 20).

Michele brings over the smaller crystals which will surround the Mosaic Hurricane lamps for the Tablescapes.

With Manzino, work on tablescape design. He’s going to be in charge of the decorations at the reception, so, while watching Journey to the Center of the Earth, we work on that.

Label wedding announcements and seal.

People begin receiving invitations. Getting good feedback!

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