The Mr. & Mrs. Labels

Despite the fact that I’ve been using Nathan’s last name for a few years now—the truth is, we knew eventually that we were going to get married, and my writing career was taking off and I didn’t want to have to “change” it later—there’s something special about going from a “Miss” or “Ms” (in my case, the latter) to a “Mrs.” The impact of this, however, didn’t really hit home until I ordered our Mr. & Mrs. Labels on February 6: there was something special about realizing I was going to be a “Mrs.” I was going to be the same person, but different, somehow—grown up.

I’d decided to hand-address all the invitations and other mailings, but after we were married, I wanted something more “official.” I also wanted something easy—after theme parties I tend to get burned out, and I figured if I had labels going forward it would make things easier.

I was up at Norman’s and was taking a break from an intense revision and decided, just for fun, to surf around on VistaPrint and see if there was anything I liked. Although I saw a couple of really cool ones with skulls and ghosts and things we were into, I figured for post-wedding announcements and related notes it might be nice to keep the consistency and tie the design in with our theme.

I didn’t think I’d find anything—at best, I thought, something with the same colors—but I found this cute style with a compass; in addition, the label used the same color scheme. I was thrilled, designed them, and placed the order. Even better—I ended up getting a second full set for free!

The labels arrived before I got home from the Norman Mailer Writer’s Colony on February 15.

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