Tasting Cake

Nathan didn’t like this one from the get-go. I did, because the colors suggested “Haunted Mansion” to me. He said I only thought that way because of Madame Leota’s coloring. He was probably right. In retrospect, these colors would’ve been a total clash with our scheme. Just as well. The frosting in this photo is fondant, which we didn’t go with because Nathan doesn’t like the taste of it, which is just as well, since it cost a lot more than the standard frosting.

On our Howe Caverns Planning Trip, one of the necessary appointments was for a cake tasting—since we are working with Villa Italia Pasticceria in Schenectady (local to Howe), we needed to taste, select, and make arrangements for our cake in one shot. We were all set for 11 a.m. on Friday, March 16.

Since Anne-Marie had recommended the bakery, I knew it was going to be good stuff—I had no concerns about quality. Once we were ushered in and I saw how popular the place was—and how delicious everything looked—I was excited.

This was Nathan’s moment to shine. Since I’m not really a sweets person—and he is—I’d put him in charge of choosing our cake from start to finish. Yes, I had some input, but not much.

I won’t share any photos of our cake until after the wedding. I will share a couple of designs that we liked and might have worked with had we not fallen in love with one of the designs in the book.

In the meantime, here are some photos of our afternoon—and a video if you’re curious, although my original intention wasn’t to share.

To learn more about Villa Italia Pasticceria, visit their website at http://www.villaitaliabakery.com/.

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