Travel Log: March 24-29

The wedding announcements, ready for stamping. The white stuff is the blocking out of names and addresses for privacy reasons.

Receive first RSVP from Nathan’s friends Marc and Melissa!

Honeymoon: confirm reservation with Disney, book flights, book dining reservations, draw up proposed day-plan.

Fill out and send back updated contract to DJ with deposit.

Fill out Engagement Announcement forms for appropriate newspapers (Danbury News-Times and New Jersey Herald). Write the one for the News-Times. Drop off or submit.

Other RSVPs: L’Aura andKent, Beka and Steve, Chuck andSana(informal).

Begin looking at stuff for Bridesmaids.

Work on acquiring music for ceremony; start pulling together prelude list.

More blog entries, right and schedule.

Update list of Rock and Shell Contributors on website.

Update Guestbook page on website.

The gift bags I ordered for those staying at the HC motel arrive.

Jen sends another Michael’s coupon!

Prepare, seal, stamp all wedding announcements. I started this before the 24th, so it might be in an earlier log. It took a few days to finish.

Find photo album of Mom and look for a photo to use in the program.

Back to real life! There’s nothing to do for a good, long time!

2 thoughts on “Travel Log: March 24-29

  1. OMG- you are SO freaking organized. It’s quite impressive, but secretly, you are killing me!!! I think we were planning wedding things right up to the very end… I wanna make a rock donation, but is there any chance to do it in person??? 🙂

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