Travel Log: March 29 – April 25

An ad for Target’s Wedding Registry that came in the mail. I thought this one was really clever; more on this in an entry later on.

Yes, it seems like the spans these logs cover get longer and longer…that’s because I did so much in the first eight weeks things are (blissfully) slowing down (well, sort of).

Check into and order one bridal party gift, which also arrives.

Check into another bridal party gift (not yet ordered)

Compile Prelude music (tentative).

Purchase missing Prelude music.

Update and organize wedding planner with expenses, etc.

Prepare centerpieces.

Establish tub for Sweetheart Table decorations.

Receive RSVPs from: Jimmy and Victoria, Heather, Jason and Stacey, Charlie and Amy, Suzanne and Adam, Lisa, Nanette and Don, Rob and Jen, April, Bethie and David, Christina, Jakob, and Dylan, Michael, Nathan’s Mom.

Engagement announcement published in theNew JerseyHerald, 4/08/2012.

Receive receipts from Conway and Howe Caverns.

Engagement announcement is published in the (Danbury) News-Times on 3/31/2012.

Receive rock and poem (cool!) from our friend Pamela!

Pre-sked all blog posts on file (in datebook).

Receive more Michael’s coupons from Jen Mayette.

Receive really interesting ad for Target’s Wedding Gift Registry—we are considering it.

Receive Disney trip planning DVD! Watch Disney Trip planning DVD.

Receive rocks from my cousin Maryanne on Easter Sunday.

Discover and order Tupperware tumblers for a trip down memory lane and purposes of a blog entry. They arrive, photograph them, and write entry.

Compile RSVP lists.

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