Always a Bridesmaid…

I’d already chosen my wedding nail polish—OPI’s Kyoto Pearl, which I discovered last year. I was really happy with because it still looked fresh five days past the manicure, and that fills the bill for our weddings, since I’ll be getting my nails done the Thursday before.

But there were two issues: one, what if Candlewood Spa doesn’t have it at the time? Two, what happens if it does flake off and I have to re-apply (this wasn’t even one of my concerns; it was my friend Michele who mentioned it).

So, despite the fact that I just got rid of a huge OPI collection (see as part of my Goodbye Project, I hopped online and found an unopened bottle on Amazon. What’s cool? The bottle comes with a bottle of their Passion, which I’ll wear on my Honeymoon, and a small bag (which of course I can never resist).

I ordered OPI’s “Always a Bridesmaid” Promo Pack on March 8 and it arrived on March 12.

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2 thoughts on “Always a Bridesmaid…

  1. Pick up a bottle of Seche Vite top coat and take that to the nail salon with you. Have them use that instead for your top coat. It cuts the drying time in half on the polish and keeps the polish looking like it’s wet, as it’s so shiney. Then you can take this with you for the wedding & honeymoon to apply a “booster top coat” at the one week mark after the manicure. It’s amazing how it brings the mani back to its “just been to the salon” finish. Good luck!

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