Jamming with Journey

It was this shot in 1959’s Journey to the Center of the Earth that inspired the gemstone colors for the favor boxes.

Our good friend Steve Manzino (referred to as Manzino) is handling the decorating of the room in terms of tablescaping and centerpieces (usually this is something I would do, but who knows if I’m going to have any time on that day?) Manzino rocks at this sort of thing, though, so I’m more than happy to turn it all over to him and let him run with it. On March 23, we got together to bandy about ideas and accomplish some other wedding-related (and some non-related) stuff—then garner some inspiration from 1959’s Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Manzino is reupholstering one of Charles’ Mission-Style chairs. Here, they select fabric from the samples Manzino had sent Charles a few weeks prior.

A section of the program will have tributes to those no longer with us. Here, Manzino helps me select a photo of my mother.

The film begins!

Here, James Mason removes a crystal that causes a flood.

No movie is complete without snacks!

Below: I couldn’t decide whether we were watching this movie or participating in an episode of MST-3K.

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