Wedding Announcements Ready to Go

The announcement labels were printed on March 23.

The key to not being overwhelmed in the last weeks before any large party: If you can get something completed months in advance, do it.

So it was with the wedding announcements, the cards which go out after the wedding to distant relatives, contacts, and others who weren’t at the wedding simply to announce A, you just got married and B, where you’ll be residing as a couple. According to all the guides I’ve been reading, they should be prepared and stamped in advance and mailed by the Maid of Honor while the Bride and Groom are Honeymooning.

I’d already ordered the Mr. & Mrs. Schoonover labels in February, so when the wedding announcements arrived, I made plans to get them labeled with both address and return address as well as sealed. All that’s missing are the stamps, and there’s no rush on those—although I most likely will get it done before the end of July, since I assume that August will be crazy with all of the last-minute preparations. I put them all together on March 24.

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