Howe Caverns Motel Snack Sacks

At destination weddings, the bride and groom will sometimes provide a bag of goodies and place them in their guests’ hotel rooms. This wasn’t originally in the plan—it was one of those items we cut due to budget. On the way home from our most recent stay at the Howe Caverns Motel—even though it’s only seven miles from town, it’s so delightfully cozy and isolated who really wants to leave?—we changed our minds. Part of the charm of staying at the Howe Caverns Motel is the feeling that the crazy-busy world is happening, blissfully, somewhere else. We could enhance that experience by giving those guests, most of whom instrumental to the wedding in one way or another, a few snacks to have on hand.

Since I was in the middle of several wedding-related paper projects, I didn’t want to get into another one, so I ordered them ready-to-go from Oriental Trading Company on March 16.

They arrived on March 24.

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