Our Wedding Rings

Our rings, together.

Our rings, together.

Many people have asked us about our wedding rings and are surprised when they hear the answer: Nathan has a ring his sister, Christina, had given him many years ago. It’s his favorite ring, and the symbols and patterns on its black background he feels really say something about him and his personality. He had long ago said that, if we ever got married, he’d like to use that ring.

I had no problem with that, and still don’t.

What it meant, though, was that I was going to have to find my own ring—a prospect about which I was very excited. We didn’t have to try to “blend our tastes” to get something we both could live with that was within our budget. I could find something special—and even a little bit on the edge—that was uniquely me.

I did have a loose vision in mind. My mother had always had a very masculine ring—gold, and thick, like a guy’s (this was probably because her fingers were thick; in all honesty, a thin ring would’ve looked really ridiculous). I remember her hands on how nice that looked, and since I inherited her thick fingers, I wanted something thick. I also, however, wanted a design. A friend of mine had given me a replica of The Ring (Lord of the Rings), complete with its writing, and I loved the way the etched design made the ring just pop. I thought, perhaps, I wanted something with leaves. As aNew Englandgirl and ghost story writer, leaves have always been a very important part of my life. Leaves also represent, in my mind, the happy summers I spent up at our camp in theAdirondacks(which is only about 30 minutes from Howe Caverns). Plus, my mother loved the woods.

It had never crossed my mind to go to a jewelry store and physically look. Like most things, if I want something, it’s something specific and off the beaten track that no store is going to have in stock (sometimes I laugh when I think about how many things I wished I could get and couldn’t when I was a kid. The Internet has truly made all my dreams come true). I honestly didn’t want some wedding band that looked like everybody else’s. And I wasn’t going to pay a fortune for it, either, and I didn’t want anything fragile. I wanted something I could clean by shaking it in a pill bottle full of Windex.

The perfect ring turned up on the Precious Accents website! I ordered it on March 5, and it arrived on March 19.

What’s funny is on March 21, Nathan and I set our rings together—and they almost look like they could be a set, with one ring distinctly feminine and the other distinctly masculine. I also like the fact that mine is light, and his is dark—a Yin/Yang effect.


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