Honeymoon Plans

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The Honeymoon was a little bit of a big deal for us, since the first time around (yes, for both of us), neither of us went on one. In addition, the last time we had a vacation by ourselves that didn’t have to do with a paranormal conference, writing event, or somebody’s wedding or birthday or whatever was in 2007.

We needed something within our budget (um, not very big). We batted around a few ideas. I’ve always wanted to see New Orleans and Nathan loves it there, but the airfare alone would have left us nothing to spend in the city itself—and if we’re doing NOLA, we’re doing it all the way (this is a vacation we will do when we’ve been saving for it and maybe we’ll even wait until after we move to Florida). We thought aboutSt. Augustine, but again, by the time we were done with airfare and hotel, there wasn’t much left over. Niagara Fallswas in the running, but really, we live in the Northeast. There’s nothing special about going anywhere within driving distance in the Northeast; we can do that on a weekend (and often do) and stay with friends for free. We also looked atMyrtle Beach, but there’s nothing to do there but go to bars, see the aquarium, and eat out, and we were pretty sure we’d get sick of that within two days. Yet we both agreed as well that we wanted to go someplace that wasn’t going to be run, run, run. Someplace, perhaps, we’d been before, so we wouldn’t feel pressure to see everything. If we just wanted to chill, we could, without feeling guilty.

We let it go for a couple of days, and then I got an offer for free dining at Walt Disney World for the dates in question if we booked by a certain date. Needless to say, Walt Disney World filled the bill. With all park tickets, hotel, transportation to and from the airport and meals included, and airfare toOrlandoalways on the reasonable side from where we live, it was just stupid not to. It truly was the best bang for the buck.

We’ve also been there many times. Most of the big stuff I’ve done a bunch of times, so if I choose certain activities over others, I’m not going to feel like I’m missing something. For example, I’ve always wanted to do Fantasia mini-golf, a carriage ride all around Disney’s Port Orleans, and a visit to the resort’s fishing hole. If we spend an entire day doing that (something refreshingly different!) and miss, say, MGM Studios, I’m not crying about it. After all, because we’re still moving to that area within a couple of years and we’ll be living around the corner from it soon enough, there is no more “we don’t know when we’re coming back,” as there’s been in the past.

Nathan did a great job researching and narrowing down our Honeymoon choices. All of them would’ve been great ones, if they’d met our parameters. But I will say there’s still something magical about a Disney World vacation, a magic that you don’t get anywhere else, and mostly, we couldn’t think of a better place to unwind for this particular occasion.

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