Our 15th Rock!

Asphalt Rocks Maryanne

Rocks and asphalt from the house where the Bride’s mother grew up and there were thousands of happy Sundays. They were given to us on Easter Sunday, April 15, 2012.

Bride: The rocks are from the backyard, where there used to be a great wooden screen house to which we escaped in summer. The asphalt is from a section of sidewalk that was poured by my grandfather. Maryanne, my cousin, used to let me sneak into her room and read Stephen King books (forbidden by my parents). However, it’s probably why I’m a horror writer today. We still share a strong love of horror books and films and a passion for going to the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival.


Maryanne, right, and me, left, in 1974. I know I was only three here, but seriously, I think I look a little drunk.

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