How We Set the Date


Here’s the template I toyed with to make our Save the Date magnets. Notice, at the bottom right, the date on the print-out. Yes, I was starting way before I had even begun to insist on a date…

What was so special about September 15?

Nothing, really. Nathan wanted to push it until next spring, but A, I felt waiting eight years was long enough, B, planning a theme party is nearly all-consuming; to have this hanging over my head for more than a year just seemed ridiculous as well as unnecessary (six months is plenty of time to get it done); and C, with our move south still sometime in the new future but we don’t know when, we could run the risk of having our plans fouled, or having to marry down there where it would be difficult for friends to attend.

I could envision our Howe Caverns affair in September. That area of New York is lovely at that time of year, as foliage-wise, they’re about a month ahead of us, yet the flowers will still be out. It’s also right before the busiest time of year for us—October and November are Poe Season/Ghost Story/Ghost Hunting months, and it’s a bit crazy, but magical. I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off another great Poe Season.

Even after explaining all of this—literally on New Year’s Day (no, I didn’t cut him a break), Nathan was still in the “I want to wait until 2013” camp.

There’s a tradition they have at David’s Bridal, and that is, when a bride finds her gown, she rings the bell and makes a wish.

I cheated. On that January 11, I made two wishes—the first one I already wrote about in my post, “The Wish.”

The second was I wanted to get married in September.

The night of the Golden Globes on January 15, Nathan was still in the “I want to wait until 2013” camp. I was being not-so-subtle about September, and I remember Charles making some crack about “she’ll get her way, she always does” (true, to be fair!). Nathan sighed…and then relented! Yay! September it was (what he didn’t know was that I had already designed our Save-the-Date magnets, which had everything but the actual day on them).

Right after that, Nathan spotted one of the Golden Globes’ many celebrities wearing the style of tux he wanted (he’s going to buy rather than rent)—a bishop collar with three double buttons.

Maybe, I thought, this is a sign—after all, what if Howe Caverns was already booked for September?

Needless to say, they weren’t (apparently the month filled up within a week after I called and everyone wanted our date, so thank God I acted fast), so September 15 it was!


…yes, and I even had the whole design completed and saved well before hand — I figured I could just update it when we settled and it’d be ready to order.

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