The Ring Bearer Boxes

I’ll admit it—I was never a fan of the ring bearer pillow thing. It just seemed so…Cinderella and the glass slipper. So cartoonish and silly. So I’m changin’ it up.

Our ring bearers will hopefully be Nathan’s nephews (we have yet to confirm this). I adore them both, and they’re both very responsible boys. But they’re a little older, too, so the whole pillow thing—even if I liked it—seemed even sillier: “your first job as my new nephew is to carry a really effeminate object down an aisle in front of one hundred people you don’t know!”

Now, I’m also well aware the rings carried by the bearers are supposed to be fake. I don’t see the point in this either; I’d much rather have them carry the real rings and give them directly to the Best Man and Maid of Honor just before the vows are exchanged (yeah, I know, it’s different, I don’t care). This also gives them a much more visible role in the ceremony.

So I went on the search to find something secure, wasn’t so silly they’d be embarrassed carrying, and matched our theme.

On March 8, I found them!

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These book boxes have a solid magnetic closure and are reminiscent of many books on naturalism that would have been common in many personal libraries during the era in which Journey is set. While I wasn’t crazy about the words penned on them, no one’ll really see that from a distance—the butterflies are more prominent. And I like the darker color scheme.

I’m going to install material inside to keep each ring cushioned (and so, when the boxes are moved, the rings aren’t rolling around). Anyway, that’s the plan. But the best news is that after the wedding’s over, these are useful items for storage, especially in an office environment.

Everybody wins, and Nathan and I will always have the privilege of knowing that his nephews carried the real things.


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