Our 19th & 20th Rocks!


Mark and Melissa gave us a rock from the village of Fore, Ireland, on May 19, 2012.

Bride: I met Melissa and Mark, writers and artists, through my college friend Heather as part of the Newport (RI) Roundtable Writing Group. Mark is a successful and well-known science fiction author and graphic novelist. Melissa wrote the very popular Everything Guide to Ghost Hunting and interviewed Nathan, and that’s how they became friends. Melissa also designed the cover and handled the print production of my book Skeletons in the Swimmin’ Hole: Tales from Haunted Disney World. She is also the wedding’s photographer.

02 - BuskersMelissa-Anne-Me

Melissa, left, and me, right, with Anne of Newport Life Magazine, March, 2011.


Heather gave us a rock and sea glass from Newport Beaches on May 20, 2012.

Bride: I met Heather 19 years ago in Daniel Pearlman’s Creative Writing class at the Universityof Rhode Island. Their first project together was in a play I wrote called Stranded on 93, which was based on a National Geographic article about the people who live along one ofAmerica’s most desolate highways; Heather played two roles. Almost two decades of crazy adventures later, Heather and I are still like sisters.


Heather and me at a friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner, May 27, 1999.

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