Travel Log: May 24 – June 11


The Macy’s storefront at a mall in New Jersey, where I took Nathan’s mom to look for a dress for her role as Mother of the Groom.

Receive RSVP from TJ and Brooke.

Blog, blog, blog…

Finalize prelude music playlist.

Finalize processional music.

Finalize ceremony music.

Finish wrapping and storing bridal party gifts.

Finalize days off.

Discuss to-do list with Michele.

Receive RSVPs from William and Barbara (regrets) on 5/29.

Solve garter/bouquet issue, thanks to Nanette.

Try on gown again. Loose!

Purchase and wrap gifts.

Purchase Sharpies to go with guest book.

Rocks from Melissa & Mark, Heather, Nanette and Don, Scott, Dave, Nathan’s Mom, and more from Jerry & Claudia.

Wrap Nathan’s gift and sign card.

Take Nathan’s Mom dress shopping.

Order a reader gift/reader gift arrives.

RSVPs from Jerry and Claudia.

RSVP from Dan.

With Michele and Mo, put together preliminary seating chart.

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