Stephanie’s Dress

The wedding party has a Maid of Honor and two bridesmaids, and basically, I preferred them in some shade of brown to represent the earth (plus the flowers we’ve chosen will pop). Other than that, they can do whatever style they want. I’ve been forced to wear too many awful dresses. I’m not doing that to my friends.

Bridesmaid Stephanie had chosen two styles way back in February. She had an appointment on April 27 at David’s Bridal to choose her dress and invited me along.


Style #1 – a Strapless Crinkle Chiffon Dress with Godets, Style F14865. This color isn’t in her size, but she wanted to see what it might look like.


Style #1, in her size.


Style #2 – a Fog Foil Chiffon Split Front A-Line with Beading Style F13092, in her size.


Style #2, in the color she’d get: Truffle/Gold.

She had a really tough time making a choice, and I really didn’t give that much input, even though I was leaning toward Style #2. I really wanted to see that Yes to the Dress moment, and as long as I got that, I really didn’t care. When Stephanie put on Style #2 in Truffle (pictured above) with the red shoes I suggested (see below), I got what I was looking for, however, the push to one side happened when we realized that Style #2 came with detachable straps. This way, Stephanie could choose whether or not she wanted to wear the straps on the big day—or go strapless for the ceremony and strappy for the reception so she could dance more confidently.

In the end, Stephanie chose Style #2: a Fog Foil Chiffon Split Front A-Line with Beading Style F13092, in Truffle/Gold.


When I arrived, Stephanie was wearing these shoes in hot pink. When she put on the Truffle-colored gown, I suddenly had the idea that red might work well. We were both surprised when it did and she loved it! So, yes, she’ll be wearing red shoes with the dress. The color of lava. I love it! (And no, I have no idea what the other girls will be wearing for shoes yet.)

2 thoughts on “Stephanie’s Dress

  1. Stephanie looks lovely in everything! But, the dress is really beautiful. And the color combo of the truffle and red- awesome!

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