Our 26th & 27th Rocks!



Our 26th rock has some bite—it’s a fossil shark tooth! The tooth was once in the mouth of Otodus obliquus, an extinct mackerel shark which lived during the Paleocene and Eocene epochs. It’s from our friends Max and Laurel, whom we know from the days when I (the Bride) volunteered at the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk. Interestingly enough, Max baked us a cake for our first anniversary in January, 2005, and took us to Boston for the first time—to the Aquarium and on our first whale watch—in October 2004.

Max found the tooth in 1981 on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay.


The box arrives on June 25. It was totally unexpected!






A map showing where the fossil was found.


Information on the fossil.

Kaye Maritime Aquarium

Me, clowning around at the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk’s Oyster Festival booth, September, 2003.


Max, clowning around at the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk’s Oyster Festival booth, September, 2003.


Nathan, me, Laurel, and Max at the New England Aquarium in Boston, October 16, 2004.

21 2005FirstAnniversary01-10-20052

Me and Nathan on our first anniversary at Max’s house, January 10, 2005. Look at the cake he made!

Our 27th Rock!

BrackenRock4 Dobrao

Bracken’s rock is from Brazil. See the really interesting story connected with it below.

Our 27th rock comes from our friend Bracken. Bracken is a horror writer; we know him through the New England Horror Writers Association. This rock has special significance for Bracken. Ever the storyteller, he wrote in the letter accompanying it: “Although it is not that pretty, it has traveled far to help you celebrate. I picked up this rock outside the Mercado Modelo in the Cidade Baixa district of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. I’d bought a musical instrument called a berimbau and the merchant neglected to include a dobrao (basically, a guitar fret one holds between one’s fingers in order to play). This rock presented itself to fill that role and has served me on the (rare) occasion that I take my souvenir off the wall to play. I think it’d make a nicer addition to your collection.”

The rock arrived on July 5.





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