Choosing Music


Dinner music selections. As much as I still love old-fashioned cassettes and CDs, I do like MP3s – I can purchase only one tune off an album instead of being forced to buy the whole thing (like in the old days), I can own a song I suddenly feel like hearing but don’t have on hand in under a couple of minutes—and boy, do I love looking at all these pretty mini album covers!

Although we’d chosen most of our key wedding music pieces over the past few months, I kept putting off the larger scheme of things. I was confident that our DJ from Conway Entertainment—which came highly recommended by Howe Caverns’ Anne-Marie Galasso—would be awesome, so I wasn’t worried about that. But I had been to many wedding receptions in which the music just wasn’t my thing, and since I’m huge on dancing—and my first wedding didn’t have any music (don’t ask, that was a day I’d rather forget, honestly)—I was going to make sure I got to hear everything I liked this time around.

Another issue that kept me from making decisions: I like all different types of music. For example, I love movie soundtracks. I have since I was a kid. So it seemed natural to me that for dinner hour, we should hear some fun stuff from my favorite films. And what poor DJ was going to have “The Keeper of the Grail” from Indiana Jones and Last Crusade or “Valiant & Valiant” from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? on his regular playlist?

I made arrangements with Conway to send them everything I wanted to hear on a USB. Apparently, this is something that’s not done, but they were wonderfully gracious about it. Which is great, because I was a little bit surprised to note that the way most wedding music—other than for the few special musical moments—is chosen. Apparently you just choose a style you like and give the DJ that style.

This confused me. Why would anyone spend months and months agonizing over every detail of a party—let alone a wedding reception—and then just say, “I don’t care what the hell you play, just hip-hop?” Music is just as important a part of a celebration as anything else, if not the most important.

I spent about two weeks compiling and purchasing everything and loading it onto a USB. It was sent to Conway on July 31.

I’ll post the final playlist sometime after the wedding.


The package for Conway Entertainment.

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