Our 34th, 35th, and 36th Rocks!

Our next batch of rocks comes from our friends Yvonne, Janet, and Rob & Jen.

Yvonne got us a photo of a piece of Rhodochrosite, which my friend Suzi picked up for us and I received on August 18.

I met Yvonne, who is writing a novel about ecological espionage, in the Pencils! Writing Workshop in 2006. “I’d been looking for the perfect rock for awhile but I just hadn’t found anything, and then when I was going through some old books I found this is an old calendar and thought, ‘this is Kaye’s rock.’!” She had this piece done for us at the Artist’s Market in Norwalk, Connecticut. The inscription, in part, reads: “Pictured are pieces of “banded,” “massive” and polished rhodochrosite (from the Greek Rhodon, pink). A very gentle healer, rhodocrosite is useful in working with emotional needs or imbalances. It has an effect similar to rose quartz—stimulating the heart chakra—but on a more subtle, deeper level.”


A gorgeous wrapping job by the Artist’s Market.


The framed art.


The description, which the Artist’s Market included in the frame.

Janet’s package arrived on August 18. She hadn’t told us is it was coming, so it was a complete surprise! She sent us a pebble from an East Greenwich, RI brook and a piece of hematite.


Janet’s package.


Isn’t this a cool sticker on the back of the envelope?


The card and wrapped jewel box.



Everything Janet packages is so gorgeous. She has such an eye.

I met Janet, a writer who has just finished a draft of a paranormal novel, in Dr. Daniel Pearlman’s writing workshop at the University of Rhode Island in 2008. I’m still attending that monthly group today, although it’s been spotty sometimes due to other projects. Janet writes: “This is the pebble I found in our brook, and also the hematite, which, theoretically, will protect you from negative influences…if I don’t see you before, I hope your wedding is absolutely terrific. I wish you much happiness. Love, Janet.”


The writer’s group at the University of Rhode Island. Left to right, Seenat, me, Theo, Dan, and Janet. This was taken in August, 2011.


Rob & Jen brought us this river stone from their yard on August 20.

Rob and Jen chose this rock because of its weight (it’s very heavy), its unusual reddish-brown mottling—and another characteristic: it’s obviously been eroded to its current shape by rushing water. “What’s odd about this rock,” notes Jen, “is that there is no water anywhere near our home. We can’t figure out how a river stone would be on our lawn unless someone brought it there.”

I have known Rob since childhood, because our parents were members of the UnitedMethodistChurch in New Milford, CT. We were both in the 1989 NMHS production of South Pacific, and since then have been in a few different writing groups together. Rob and I are co-editors of the magazine Read Short Fiction. Rob got engaged to Jen on our 2008 trip to Walt Disney World (yes—in front of CinderellaCastle!) and Nathan and I were part of Rob & Jen’s bridal party in August, 2009.


Me and Rob at a Read Short Fiction meeting in the Fall of 2011.

Labor Day, 2011. Rob is on the left. His wife, Jen, is in the seat all the way on the right, waving her hand.

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