The Bride’s Wedding Jewelry

On January 22, my friend Maureen came over and we went through all of my jewelry to select pieces I could wear with the gown. I wasn’t planning on wasting money on cheaply-made bridal jewelry (the stuff I saw at David’s was tacky awful), especially when I owned plenty of nice things, many of which attached to a special memory.

The style of the gown and the wedding’s theme were the primary considerations. I finally decided on the following.


Wedding Necklace

In 2001, my father made a trip to see the island from which his father had emigrated: the island of Fohr, part of the Frisian Islands. Many of my ancestors are buried there (the cemetery is filled with Petersens) and many of the women in my family hand-made the silver buttons which decked the traditional garb. Dad brought me back one of the buttons on a chain.

This piece is a wonderful match with the gown’s neckline, and I think wearing something that is part of my family’s history is far more special than just wearing some new junk.

Here are some links with information about Fohr and the Frisian Islands:


Wedding Earrings

These earrings were given to me by a friend of mine, Cindi, who is a wonderful poet and a member of Pencils! They were a gift from her in 2005, and they remain a favorite. They are a good match with the gown, and, because they are “antique,” they fit well with the Journey to the Center of the Earth theme (it’s also cool that they’re blue—there’s another “something blue” for my day!)

Cindi, who writes under the name Lucinda Sands, and I have a special connection in that she had written a poem called “Paper Dresses,”—about children playing in the paper dresses that were so popular in the 1960s. I had never heard of paper dresses, and thought it was just about the coolest thing ever (wanna know what they’re all about? Check out “The Paper Dress – History of a Ready to Tear Invention” here:

A few weeks after I read that poem, I was going through a stack of old magazines from the late 1960s and came across a photo of a paper dress. This, in turn, inspired a short story I wrote called “Confetti,” which was written in 2005 and was published in the magazine All Things Girl in two parts in 2010 (you can read the story for free here):

“Confetti” Part One:

“Confetti” Part Two:

Wearing these earrings on the wedding day is a promise to myself that after this is all over I’m going to get back into doing what I love most: writing.

NightoftheEarrings (2)

The night Cindi gave me the earrings: Pencils! Writing Workshop’s “What the Hell, Let’s Have Indian” Dinner, December 13, 2005.

Unfortunately, some time between when the earrings were chosen in January and July, one of the small flower beads on one of the earrings fell off.

It was nothing a little Krazy Glue couldn’t fix!


July 18, 2012: Fixing the Earrings

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