Emergency Bridesmaid’s Kit


I purchased the Bridesmaid’s Emergency Kit on Saturday August 25.

I’d been thinking about picking one of these up to have on hand for a few months now; finally, it was on sale at Michael’s at 50% off (I don’t feel it’s worth $25. $12.50 is more like it). The kit contains:

Fashion Tape Strips

Sewing Kit

Blister Pad

Bobby Pins


Nail File

Lint Removing Sheets

Oil Blotting Tissues

Hair Band

Stain Removing Wipe

Static Guard

Drinking Straw

Deodorant  Wipe

Deodorant Removing Sponge

No-Show Concealers

I didn’t buy the Bride’s version for two reasons: one, it has items in it I definitely don’t need, such as the fake rings for the ring pillow (the boys are carrying the real things in boxes, no pillows involved), and a garter (I have not only my garter but two spares already). Two? It’s white. In the past few months I’ve accumulated more white clutches, make-up kits, and bags than I’ll ever use. I thought the pink and black was more fun and would stay looking cleaner longer. And will I use this afterward? Most definitely. The whole thing will probably go right into my travel kit.

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