Gown, Garter, Cake…

Okay, it’s the day after the wedding and as you read this we’re probably packing up to come home (and take a two-day breather and then it’s off to Walt Disney World for our Honeymoon). Of course, in a few weeks we’ll be posting the pictures from the weekend, so you’ll get to see everything, but for right now, I can post a few photos of things I was keeping under wraps.

First, the gown.


This is the photo that appeared in the catalog the night that Lisa, Janet, Linda and I went to hunt for a gown at David’s Bridal (January 11, 2012). I flipped through the catalog and made a few choices, but this wasn’t one of them—Lisa suggested I try it on. I still wasn’t thrilled but did it, and it turned out to be the one! I know now, of course, why it didn’t catch my eye: honestly, this model is way too tiny in the chest. This gown was clearly made to flatter a woman with a rack, so on a model with—ahem, nothing—it’s not a grabber.

Below, a front and back shot of the gown as it appeared on the David’s Bridal website.




Here’s me in the gown—it’s a size too small. The correct size needed no alterations except for a hem, so no, I wasn’t popping out of the real thing like I am in this photo. Also, I unintentionally lost weight during the wedding planning process. This was taken on January 11, 2012. Photo by Janet Cutler.


Photos by Janet Cutler: she took shots of me in the dress from every angle. The veil was only there for show. My headpiece was a simple feather—no veil involved.

The garters were handmade, from Garters by Kristi. I thought this reflected the color and theme of our wedding. They were ordered and arrived in February.

Garters by Kristi 1

Garters by Kristi 2

The cake—Nathan was really in charge, and we wanted something to fit the idea of Disney’s Haunted Mansion and our Haunted Mansion cake toppers. We couldn’t believe it when one of Villa Italia Bakery’s standard designs not only complemented our toppers, but also had scrolling reminiscent of New Orleans Square, the location of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion.

Haunted Mansion Wedding Cake 1

Haunted Mansion Wedding Cake 2

Haunted Mansion Wedding Cake 3

Below, we discuss this cake and why it just might be “the one.”

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