Nathan’s Gift

The tradition of the Bride and Groom giving each other a gift is sometimes cut due to budget, but I really wanted to do it since it’s an excuse to get something special.

In February, I taught a writing workshop with fellow New England Horror Writers Trisha J. Wooldridge and TJ May up at Annie’s Bookstop in Worcester, MA. Annie’s has a wonderful selection of not just books, but collectibles—especially Dr. Who collectibles.

As Nathan is the second biggest Dr. Who fan I know (our friend Frank Todaro is first), it was easy to, first, get Nathan a birthday gift, since his birthday was about a week after I returned home from my winter residency at Norman’s in Provincetown. So, I bought him the Tardis Cookie Jar for his birthday—and then settled, since he’s also a collector of pocket watches, on the Dr. Who pocket watch for the wedding present.

When I got home, however, I decided that, even though the collectible was high quality and he was going to love it, I should get him a real engraved pocket watch. So I gave him the Dr. Who watch for Valentine’s Day.


Nathan happily opens his Dr. Who watch.


The watch. I couldn’t get the metal version, but considering that this is plastic, it’s really high quality. It feels solid.


The box. We still have it in the basement.

Video: The Dr. Who watch has sounds, of course. Enjoy.

Searching for a real pocket timepiece that was at least reminiscent of Dr. Who’s took a little while, but I found one on Things Remembered. My friend L’Aura Hladik, author of Ghost Hunting New York City, was with me when I’d bought the watch and the Tardis at Annie’s, and it was she who came up with the inscription on the silver-plated watch box, (“To My Dr. Who”), and the watch (“I’ll always travel through time with you”) which I ordered that evening.

The watch arrived on February 21—Nathan’s birthday. I kept it stowed with my wedding things until the end of July, when I purchased the card to go with it.


The gift box the watch came in.




The inscription on the storage box reads “To My Dr. Who.”


The inscription on the watch reads “I’ll always travel through time with you,” our names, and our wedding date.


The watch interior. It’s at least reminiscent of the real thing.





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