Gallery links are at the drop-down box under “Galleries,” or you can click on the links below:

The Last Eight Years

Nathan and I on various adventures.


Our Planning Trip to Howe Caverns

Our March, 2012 trip to Howe Caverns and the area to finalize plans, taste cake, and other stuff.


Make-up Trials Weekend

L’Aura, who is doing my make-up, came up to spend the weekend and do a trial run. Lots of other friends came over, and it turned into quite a party! This gallery’s a music video. Have fun!


Wedding Hair Trials Weekend 

My friend Heather is doing my hair. I spent the weekend with her and other friends in Newport, RI.


Surprise Bridal Shower

…was July 8 at Two Steps Downtown Grille in Danbury! Check it out — it was a totally magical afternoon!


Howe Caverns Final Planning Weekend

I went up to Howe Caverns to set all the final plans in place — things can change in five months!

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